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Sales Representative Title Service Area Email Address Phone Ext
Tammy Robertson AL Sales AL [email protected] 336-274-7889 314
Meghan Vickery North FL Sales North FL [email protected] 336-274-7889 303
Maci Underwood North GA Sales North GA [email protected] 336-274-7889 312
Katherine Ekstrom SC Sales Representative SC Sales Representative [email protected] 336-274-7889 300
Chloe Grimes TN Sales TN [email protected] 336-274-7889 307
Amber Pinigis VA Sales VA [email protected] 336-274-7889 306
Dini Russell South FL and Caribbean Sales South FL and Caribbean [email protected] 336-274-7889 310
Dana McKnight Key Accounts UNITED STATES [email protected] 336-274-7889 304
Jennifer Ray Inside Sales AR, AZ, CA, IL, ME, MN, MS, MT, NH, PA, RI, VT, OR [email protected] 336-274-7889 218
Jamie Kauffman Central and Western KY sales KY and Southwest OH [email protected] 336-274-7889 308
Linda Thompson Eastern KY and WV sales WV and East KY [email protected] 336-274-7889 309
Morgan Mock Southern GA GA [email protected] 336-274-7889 305
Chadyn Carter Inside Sales HI, ID, TX, MO, AK, WA, WY, NM, ND, CO, NJ, MA, UT, and Canada [email protected] 336-274-7889 207
Andrea Mitsos MD and DE Sales MD and DE [email protected] 336-274-7889 315
Inside Sales Inside Sales IA, IN, KS, LA, MI, NE, OH, OK, SD, WI, CT, NY, NV [email protected] 336-646-0981 241
Rebecca Grose Central and Western North Carolina Representative Central and Western North Carolina [email protected] 336-274-7889 311
Pam Smith Eastern North Carolina Representative Eastern North Carolina [email protected] 336-274-7889 316
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