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Claim Policies and Procedures
All claims must be submitted to [email protected]
We offer our customers a 5-business day claim period to report any discrepancies that may be present. The 5-business day period will begin the day after the order is delivered. If a customer would like to request an extension past our 5-day period, an email will have to be submitted to [email protected]. Please be aware these extensions can be denied if Simply Southern determines the items delivered are able to be processed within the standard time frame. A claim form will have to be submitted for any discrepancies, this does include overages, duplicates, returns etc. We will not begin processing any claims until we have received the required paperwork. For damages, please submit pictures of each item that is damaged or defective.

Claims will be processed within 1-2 business days. During this time, it will be determined if the customer will receive a credit or a return authorization (RA). Please note: Credit Card customers will be issued a credit back to the original credit card used to purchase. Customers on Terms will be issued a credit on their account. If a customer on Terms requests for a credit to be applied back to a credit card of their choosing. The request will be denied.

No merchandise will be shipped for exchanges or replacements unless the order is of $100 or greater value.

If a Return Authorization (RA) is issued, an email will be sent. The email will have the following information:

RA Number
List of items authorized to be returned
Tracking information

*Tracking Information will only be found on merchandise with call tags issued*

We may determine the customer will have to pay shipping on the returned merchandise

*All call tags issued will include 3 pick up attempts. After the 3rd failed attempt. Customer will have to pay shipping for the product returning. *

*All authorized returns must be received within 14 business days of the RA issued. ANY merchandise returned after, will be denied. *

Simply Southern will not process any returns if they do not include attachment of RA sent to customer (Exhibit 1):

All items returned should follow these instructions:

All items returned should follow these instructions:

All Custom tags, pricing stickers, and hangers must be removed from products
All products must be returned in new, undamaged condition* with original Simply Southern Tags or no credit will be given.

(*Damaged merchandise may be picked up for inspection by our quality control. The credit provided will be determined on a case by case basis*)

If a return does not meet these criteria there will be a 50% discount taken from the credit (ex. A $8 item will only be credited $4).

An additional restocking fee of 20% of the total merchandise may be added for unauthorized returns. The following are examples of cases in which 20% will be added:

Extra merchandise included in RA

Unnotified cancellations
Customer changed mind and no longer wants the product they ordered
If merchandise is received and fees will have to be deducted. We will contact the customer and representative (if the customer or rep are not yet aware) of the fees.

If the customer does not agree with the fee and would like the product returned to them. The Customer will be responsible for the shipping charges to get the product back.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any further questions.
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