Giving Back

Simply Southern Vision

To create quality, affordable products that make people smile and to always help out the less fortunate.

Simply Southern is an American clothing, accessory and gift wholesaler that started through the imagination of Creative Director and founder Ginger when she opened the first Kiosk in 2005 in Greensboro NC. Ginger's vision was to create southern inspired high-quality T-shirts at affordable prices that were unique to her Kiosks. Ginger chose the name 'Simply Southern' as she wanted the brand to reflect the values of a southem lifestyle, where things run a little slower and you are always on hand to help your neighbor. These values are evident in their products with catchy phrases and unique designs. The Simply Southern designs became so popular that other retailers started asking how they could order shirts for their own stores and so the wholesale division was born.

Simply Southern has since branched out into a variety of products including clothing, travel accessories, and gifts. They are most recognized by their bright, colorful designs and faith based inspirational quotation.

In December 2016 Simply Southern acquired a 120,000 square foot facility for printing, warehousing and distribution and employs over 400 persons.

The Simply Southern Brand has grown from a T-shirt brand to a clothing, accessories and gift brand and is sold by over 5,000 independent retail outlets nationwide. Simply Southern is not just a brand but a lifestyle that customers, friends and followers connect with for a Happy, Preppy & Classy existence. Among the many rankings by multiple publications Simply Southern has been ranked among the top T.Shirt brands for many years.

Corporate Responsibility

Simply Southern is a proud sponsor of Child Fund International, turtle conservation foundations and the American Red Cross. With our dedicated and loyal customers, we have donated over $14.5 million in cash and merchandise to these various organizations.

Giving Back